About Us


About Us:
RDP Builders is owned by Lauren and Rod Perrine, a husband and wife team. Both Rod and Lauren are experts in their fields and combine their skills and knowledge to help clients create, design, and finish any project, from start to finish. They assist with the selection of materials, colors, and design to ensure the best outcome. Their unique combination allows for all aspects of the design and building project to be done in one place.

Rod’s Bio:
Rod Perrine is a Master Carpenter who has more than 26 years in the construction and custom home build business. Rod’s commitment to quality has led to numerous promotions and prior to owning his own business, he was a foreman for one of the largest residential construction companies in the area. Rod enjoys taking a project from idea to blueprint, to reality and he takes pride and pleasure in partnering with his clients to achieving their dreams. Rod’s commitment to quality extends to the choice of overseeing that other trades he works with meet his and his clients’ expectations.

Lauren’s Bio:
Lauren Perrine of RDP Builders has been a designer for most of her life. She began her professional career working for a non-profit agency and doing design work on the side, but soon transitioned into her own business when the “hobby” turned into a profession. She studied design at Harper College which helped her gain greater knowledge and added a sense of style which can be described as a “lived in sophistication.” She favors clean lines and functions under the philosophy of “less is more.” Lauren has experience in both residential and commercial design and she also holds certifications for both staging and home organization.